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Tips for Living with an SM/CM Dog (1)

These are some ideas gathered from the Cavalier Talk forum to help you make your SM dog more comfortable.

  1. Raise feeding and water dishes, an SM dog may find lowering his head painful or uncomfortable.
  2. SM dogs like to have their heads elevated when resting. If you use a crate, put some liners in with raised edges (like baby bumpers).
  3. I have made some head cushions which I am happy to send you free of charge, a donation even small to —- would be appreciated but not obligatory.
  4. If your SM dog is sensitive around the ears, to make grooming more comfortable and less painful, keep ears trimmed.
  5. Try using a harness for walks. You may need to try different types of harnesses depending on the location of the syrinx. Sometimes it is found a collar is more comfortable, it really depends on the location of the pain.
  6. It has been found during a pain session, if the dog is rolled on its back very gently this can alleviate pain, it might shift the position of the Syrinx (fluid cyst) and change the flow of the CSF flow. You can also try applying to the neck and shoulders something cold like a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel. Some dogs like a cool place to lie down.