Molly and Dougall

Dougall (CM)

Dougall PupOur dazzling Dougall was always a quiet dog, and we assumed this was his personality. Dougall has been diagnosed with CM (Chiari Malformation), Glue Ear (PSOM) and probably suffers mild headaches and displays discomfort with his back. He is on preventative medicine and mild pain killers and is closely monitored. Dougall has retained his delightful tender and warm approach to life. He is playful and content.

Molly (SM)

Molly PupPoor “Sweet Molly” had a bad start in life with bad hips (HD), bad knees (Patellas) and to top it all Syringomyelia (SM). Despite all the pain she suffered, she remained sweet, gentle and loving. Now with the right medication and care she is highly affectionate, playful and eager to please, and enjoying life to the full!

May 2016
Molly and Dougall enjoyed their 9th birthdays.

July 2018
Sadly, Molly passed away.